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Our Langkawi Blaque Villa Homestay Is Now Available! (MYR150)

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1-Langkawi Blaque Villa Homestay - The Villa You Can Call A HOME
pronoun as Belak Villa
our friendly rate just MYR150 per day/night stay

located at Kampung Belak, Kedawang Langkawi Villa concept of living

2 suite-like rooms
2 bathrooms
a spacious living hall
a dining hall facing padi field
a friendly kitchen
spacious car park

an awesome village and padi field view
sorrounded by padi field

Real Langkawi Kampung life yet very..


14 min to pekan Kuah
12 min to Makam Mahsuri
7 min to Langkawi International Airport and Padang Matsirat/Beras Terbakar
5 min to Pantai Chenang, Pantai Tengah, Porto Malai,
Langkawi International Morac/go kart
and Laman Padi

15 min to Cable Car / Pantai Kok

Get your Homestay Villa NOW! just MYR150
booking & reservation please contact Mr. Razif +6012-310 6096

for more info, please visit

2-Hj Mat's Homestay Langkawi Malaysia

located at kampung Gelam,…

Langkawi BlaqueVilla Homestay Photo Galery

Maneuver a beautiful Malay Kampung Called Kampung Belak,
Mukim Kedawang, Langkawi, Malaysia

our Blaque Villa Homestay proposed Site

With clear blue skylines
and greenly padi field
fresh breezes

a look out point, so beautiful and nostalgic

Welcome to Langkawi BlaqueVilla Homestay (MYR 150-per night stay)
Contact Mr. Razif +6012-310 6096