Wednesday, February 1, 2012

RM150 is our special opening rates!

pay less and get more!
enjoying holiday in Langkawi
isn't just enough by having shopping trips?
island hoping?
and sight seeing?

and just having so-so accommodation
just to put down your things
and your tired-in need rest minds?

in Blaque Villa..
make use of your RM150
you'll get all these....

---> a humble
blaque villa homestay...

-----> accessible to your holiday purposes


----> a fantastic country views and new experience!

booking & reservation
please contact Mr. Razif 6012-310 6096

Blaque Villa Homestay is located at Kampung Belak,
Mukim Kedawang

a simple villa style of living by the countryside

morning dew, we suggest you a pleasurable stroll/jogging

Fantastic Mat Cincang View from Blaque Villa Homestay

nurture your soul by nature's garden

little House in Kampung Belak =)

taking a stroll, beautiful kampung views

near to the airport, take-off and landing scenery can easily seen
near to Pantai Cenang
13 mins to Pekan Kuah

best regards:
Roselangkawi 012-331 3020

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