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SEMI-D in d Beach $160


Kedah & Langkawi

Somewhere in the far north of Peninsular Malaysia, there is a state with vast expenses of paddy fields, old. Kedah is Malaysia main rice producing state and its land dominated by pa ddy fields and traditional Malay wooden houses. melancholic townships, limestone outcrop, green hills and pleasing views. Alor Setar is the capital city; a mixture of old and new buildings. Together with Sungai Petani, Jitra and as well as Kulim; one of Malaysia major industrial site. So what can you do in Langkawi? The main tourist spot for Kedah both locally and internationally is Langkawi. There are many travel agencies providing Langkawi Packages and Langkawi Tours. The island itself borne of fascinating legends and folklore. It boasts of 99 secondary islands off the coast of Kedah with fine beaches, luxury resorts and unique natural attractions. The island also has the distinction of being the Geopark accorded by UNESCO. Visit the Eagle Square or Dataran Lang which is the prominent landmark of the island.…