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Homestay HALAL Langkawi

promo rate! RM160 (2 rooms homestay with 2 air condition and 2 bathrooms)
1. Guests were made ​​up of families who have mahram relationship or the same group of gender . We serve  Muslim only.  (We also welcome non-Muslim whom may abide to the rules and regulations below). 2. Only halal/permitted Food and drinks are allowed to be brought into the accommodation premises.  (to our non-Muslim guest, there will be no alcohol/liquor and forbidden things like pork also rituals). 3. Maintain cleanliness inside and outside the home. Remove garbage into a trash can and garbage cans provided. 4. Do not throw anything (especially sanitary napkins) into the toilet sink to prevent it from clogging. 5. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the house to prevent odor and fire. 6. Use the facilities provided in the homestay with a prudent manner and not wasteful. 7. Switch off the lights, fan and air-condition if not in use. 8. Keep the neighborhood norms and respect the rights of the villagers. 9. Report any …


BV HOMESTAY PANTAI CENANG GIVEAWAY 2014! COMING SOON! FREE VOUCHERS!!  The BV- a Langkawi homestay, Pantai cenang UNBEATABLE Lowest price Prime location / 1km to Pantai Cenang! (beach activities) Homestay near shops, hotel, airport Fully furnished Country view ( enjoy our greeneries at year end-musim padi) 

Homestay Langkawi Facilities/amenities Rate (2d1n)

BV Langkawi Homestay
Pantai Cenang